Closing Thoughts (Dr. Puncky Heppner)

PunckyWalking Ten Thousand Miles to see the Moon on the Other Side.  We are back from a powerful, poignant, and for many of us, a life changing journey to Taiwan. As one of the instructors for this year’s immersion and also for each of the previous years since the program’s inception in 2005, I would like to reflect on some of what we have learned Continue reading

Closing Thoughts (Dr. Kenneth Wang)

KennethFacilitating the CCIP has been a great experience for me both professionally and personally.  It was a rare occasion where groups of people from my two worlds intersected – Taiwanese people with whom I grew up with and my US students and colleague.  It was extremely powerful to hear about the impact this trip had on the MU participants.  Continue reading

Day 10 (Jessica)

JessicaAs we wrap up our immersion program in Taiwan, I have been reflecting on how members of the CCIP program and I have learned and grown through this cross-cultural experience. The question I find myself focusing on today, however, is not about what I have learned. Rather, I put myself in my professors’ shoes and wonder how you can teach someone in an immersion experience. What are the lessons you want students to learn? What conditions facilitate cross-cultural growth? Continue reading

Day 9 (Samantha)

SamanthaToday we travelled to the beautiful city of Hulien. In a two-hour train ride, we left Taipei City, traveled through the countryside and arrived in Hualien on the eastern side of Taiwan.  Then we took a bus to National Dong Hwa University (NDHU) where we were promptly greeted with warm smiling faces. The University generously provided us lunch that had everything from stuffed dumplings to pizza with shrimp! Continue reading

Day 8 (Liz)

LizSpending the last ten days in Taiwan has been a life changing experience, and one that I have been looking forward to for quite some time. However, it feels quite impossible to communicate the power and lifelong impact of this cultural immersion experience. While spending the past weekend with my host family I realized that our family trip to Yangming Mountain might best symbolize my cross-cultural journey thus far, so as to help others better understand the value of cultural immersion experiences. Continue reading

Day 7 (Stephanie)

StephanieOver the past two nights I have had the wonderful opportunity to stay at a home stay with my new friend Tzu-Yang and his family. It makes me smile to reflect back on how I felt and where I was only a few days ago. There was a moment where I felt anxious and very nervous about having to leave the comfort of the people in my program at Mizzou, to stay at the home of a “buddy” I have only exchanged a few emails with and their family. What would I do with my buddy, what would we talk about, Continue reading

Day 6 (Dominique)

DominiqueIt’s difficult to know what to expect from a cultural immersion, as it does not necessarily imply that you will come to new realizations or learn anything at all. My understanding is that I had to be active and intentional in this process. Knowing myself, I knew that I was going to make every attempt to cease the moment and absorb all of the beauty in this unique experience. I asked myself: Continue reading

Day 5 (Marvyn)

MarvynI have been in Taiwan for exactly two weeks today – though it feels as if I have been here for at least a month. I decided to travel to Taiwan before the cross-cultural immersion program began to explore southern Taiwan and to further my own cultural competence journey. During these two weeks I have been reflecting on my experiences here in Taiwan and what it means for me as a person and as a future psychologist. Continue reading

Day 4 (Kristina)

KristinaYesterday I had the opportunity to read a letter that I wrote to myself a few weeks prior to our departure date to Taiwan. Now that I have been in Taiwan nearly a week I have found that many of my worries about issues I might encounter here are actually non-issues. This is largely due to the warmth and kindness that I have received from all the wonderful people at NTNU. Continue reading

Day 3 (Danielle)

DaniellePrior to traveling to Taiwan, my journey began overseas in Thailand where I spent 10 full days exploring a new country with three other students. Traveling up and down coastal boarders and through inland cities, I found myself quickly adapting to the new environment and cultural norms as well as learning to speak Thai along the way. This initial transition was smooth and easier than I originally thought it would be; however, Continue reading

Day 2 (Gigi)

GigiIt is a special experience for me to do the cultural immersion trip with all the American classmates because Taiwan is my home country. I have been studying in MU for two and half years. Before the trip, I was very excited to introduce my mother country to all my friends from MU and how great it is. I believe that it will benefit my own cross-cultural knowledge learning as well. After being away from home for years, Continue reading

Day 1 (Feihan)

FeihanI’ve been in Taiwan for over a week. When I was on the airplane, I was so anxious that I’ve watched 7 movies to avoid thinking about going to Taiwan. As a Chinese student, the sensitive relationship between China and Taiwan makes me anxious about what I’ll encounter. However, at the moment when I stepped out of the airport, Continue reading

Day 1 (Sarah)

My cultural journey to Taiwan began a few days before I met up with the CCIP group yesterday evening. I traveled to Taipei before the group arrived and did a bit of traveling around the country with another student. The first few days I spent in Taiwan are a blur—rushing from the hot springs in Beitou (北投區) to the natural beauty of the coast in Yeliu (野柳) and Jioufen (九份). Continue reading

MU Group Photo

This is a group photo that we took on December 7th, 2012 at Mizzou.  This was the last time we met as a group at MU prior to our departure.  Our CCIP kickoff dinner will be in Taipei on January 5th, 2013.