Coordinated Bachelor’s-Master’s Degree Program (3+2 Program)

A Coordinated Bachelor’s -Master’s Degree Program Between National Taiwan Normal University and Curators of the University of Missouri

On behalf of The Coalition for Cultural Competency and The Department of Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology, University of Missouri

The Coalition for Cultural Competency (CCC), formerly known as the Center for Multicultural Research, Training and Consultation (CMRTC) and the Department of Educational, School and Counseling Psychology (ESCP), University of Missouri-Columbia and the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling (EPC), National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) have a distinguished history of mutually beneficial professional collaboration. Both universities agreed to endorse cross-cultural collaboration and strongly encourage qualified EPC and ESCP students to receive training from both.

In 2009, the CCC and the Department of ESCP at MU, and the Department of EPC at NTNU signed a memorandum of agreement to establish the Coordinated Bachelor’s and Master’s (3+2) Program. The program was developed to train future counseling psychologists to live and work in an increasingly global. To this end, the 3+2 program was designed to promote opportunities for international education as well cross-cultural competencies. The signing ceremony between MU and NTNU took place in fall 2009.

Students accepted and enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program from NTNU are eligible to apply for the 3+2 Program. Participating students have to complete all required four-year courses within 3 years at NTNU and complete two year required courses at MU to get their Bachelor’s degree at NTNU and Master’s degree at MU. Since 2011, nine qualified NTNU students have enrolled in this program.

Currently, the 3+2 Program is coordinated by 1 MU faculty, Dr. Sonia Dhaliwal as well as one NTNU faculty, Dr. Li-fei Wang (Professor). Please contact them for more information about the program.

 2017-2018 3+2 Students
3+2 Program Students
2016-2018  Ning Tang & Shao-Jung Ko (Stella)
2014-2017  Yulian Li & Hsin-Yu Wu
2013-2016  Ching-Lan Rosaline Lin, & Tzu-Yu Chen
2011-2013  Lei Wang, Shan Yun Wu, & Chiao-Yin Hsiao

Current Graduate
Name: Ning Tang
Advisor: Dr. Sonia Dhaliwal
Research Interest: Feminist psychotherapy, adolescent development
Clinical Interest: Feminist psychotherapy, adolescent counseling
Name: Shao-Jung Ko (Stella)
Advisor: Dr. Patrick Rottinghaus
Research Interest: Career counseling, career education, multicultural counseling
Clinical Interest: Career counseling, multicultural counseling, school counseling & guidance