Student’s comments and learnning outcomes from the multicultural cources

I had some hesitation taking an online multicultural class (I thought it might lack self-exploration/reflection or dialogue between students), but Adipat (the instructor of the Immigrat Issues in Education class) really hit the nail on the head with these issues. Despite having good dialogue with other students, I enjoyed his (the instructor’s) “lectures” the most. Each week he typed up a detailed framework of the concepts he wanted us to learn, and even though these lessons were text, they were very engaging. His attitude was so helpful from a multicultural perspective. [David R.]

He talked about some skills, traits, and conceptual frameworks that we can practice integrating into our professional identities that can help us gain further multicultural competence. The terms and knowledge he shared were things I had never heard before despite taking a whole class on multicultural issues and several multicultural lessons from the foundations of counseling course. This particular lesson gave me specific skills I could practice to further develop my multicultural identity. I have been wanting more formalized guidance on enhancing these skills (like many students starting out in training), and now I finally feel like I have a framework that can guide my development! [David R.]