We believe it is our ethical obligation to train future professionals to serve an increasingly diverse population. Therefore, a primary training goal of the Coalition (CCC) is to prepare graduate students to be the next generation of multiculturally competent psychologists, educators, and professionals in their respective fields.

Psychology of Crossing Cultural Borders

To increase students’ understanding about the relationships between culture and psychology, promote the development of skills to apply the knowledge about the impact of culture on psychology to themselves and helping others, and continuous reflection and documentation on their multi-dimensional cross-cultural experiences, we offer a Cross-Cultural Psychology course.

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Diversity Course

This elective course, “Experiencing Diversity in the United States”, is offered through the Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology to MU undergraduate students since 2003. The purpose of this course is to facilitate learning and discussion surrounding multicultural issues with an emphasis on racial/ethnic minorities.

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Practicum in Multicultural Counseling Interventions

This practicum serves to extend graduate students’ knowledge of multicultural counseling through the development and implementation of applied multicultural interventions. Specifically, students enrolled in the practicum will have an opportunity to work on applied projects which may fall under the following categories: (a) multicultural outreach (e.g., conduct workshops for campus and community groups); (b) multicultural research (e.g., assist with validation studies of a multicultural teaching competency measure, assist with writing grant applications; developing research projects in diverse communities); (c) Center development activities (e.g., develop workshop protocols, participate on community and/or campus Center advisory boards); (d) training activities (e.g., plan extracurricular training activities, organize multicultural lectures); and (e) other applied activities e.g., student discussion/support groups). This course also counts toward the Graduate Minor in Multicultural Psychology in Education.

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Cultural Seminars

The CCC also encourages students to develop and teach multicultural courses as cultural seminars in which they are passionate about. Some courses that have been developed and offered in the past include (1) Native American Cultural Seminar, (2) Arab Culture and Counseling, (3) LGBT identities, (4) Latina/nos in therapy will be offered in Fall 2012.

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Summer Internship Program (SIP)

Summer Internship Program (SIP) is an 8-week program designed to provide advanced doctoral students the opportunity to work as full time counselors in a Taiwanese university counseling center. The students are engaged in a wide array of professional activities (e.g., individual and group counseling, supervision, program development and implementation).

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Multicultural Teaching Scholars Program

The Department of Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology at the University of Missouri – Columbia (MU) invites applications to the Multicultural Teaching Scholars (MTS) program for the Summer. This program is offered through the MU graduate school. Departments submit recommendations to the graduate school for consideration in a university-wide competitive process. The Scholar will teach a graduate level course depending on departmental needs. The purpose of the MTS program is to:

  1. Enhance the ability of departments to recruit members of underrepresented groups for future employment at MU; and
  2. Prepare MU graduate and undergraduate students for the future by introducing them to a faculty more representative of the diversity of American society. The selected Multicultural Teaching Scholars will teach or co-teach a course during one of the summer sessions.

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