Video Collection

Title Subject 1 Authors/Directors ETC Year
A Social Justice Agenda for Multiculturalism National Multicultural Summit I Gail Wyatt 1999
Beyond Tolerance: Bridging the Gap between imposition & acceptance National Multicultural Summit I Thomas Parham 1999
Black Indians: An American Story History Rich Heape Films 2000
Boundaries to Cross Cultural Counseling Counseling Derald Wing Sue 1989
Could You Hold the Door Open for Me? Including Disability in Diversity National Multicultural Summit II Rhoda Olkin 2001
Cross Cultural Counseling: Clinical Case Examples Counseling N/A 1981
Cultural Identity Development Counseling Derald Wing Sue 1989
Cultural Identity Theory: Preesent and Future Status Identity Bailey Jackson 1994
Developing Multicultural Awareness Multiculturalism Paul Pedersen 1991
Gender and Diversity: A Female and Male Perspective National Multicultural Summit II Pamela Reid & Michael D’Andrea 2001
Going to School (Ir A La Escuela Education Richard Cohen 2001
Group Microskills: Encountering Diversity Group Counseling Lynn Banez, Allen Ivey,& Mary Ivey 2002
Managing Therapeutic Issues with African American Clients Counseling Thomas Parham 1992
Multiculturalism Issues in Counseling and Education Counseling Don Pope-Davis et al. 1996
N/A National Multicultural Summit II Art McDonald, Patrick Okura, Amado Padilla, &Joe White 2001
Race, Racism, and Antiracism National Multicultural Summit II Claude Steele & John Dovidio 2001
Science, Ethnicity, and Bias: Where Have We Gone Wrong National Multicultural Summit I Stanley Sue 1999
Sexual Orientations in Perspective National Multicultural Summit II Linda Garnets 2001
The Color of Fear Multiculturalism StirFry Seminars & Consulting 1995
The Evolution of Multiculturalism: Past, Present, and Future National Multicultural Summit I Lillian Comas-Diaz 1999
White Identity: Origins and Prospect Identity Rita Hardiman 1994