Beijing Normal University

General Information

Beijing Normal University, is a renowned institution of higher education known for teacher education, education science and basic learning in both the arts and the sciences. The university’s predecessor, the Normal College of the Imperial University of Peking, was founded in 1902. For over a hundred years Beijing Normal University has lived by the philosophy of “Pursuing knowledge, Cultivating personality, and Helping the whole world.”

The school has 22,000 full-time students, including 8,900 undergraduates, 11,300 graduates and 1,800 long-term international students. The campus has 1 education faculty, 22 schools and colleges, 2 departments and 36 research institutes (centers). The university offers 58 different undergraduate majors, 166 Master’s degree programs, 111 Doctoral degree programs, 25 different rotating post-doctoral posts, and 24 and 36 Doctoral and Master’s degree programs for first-level disciplines. According to the 2012 assessment results (the 3rd time) for first-level disciplines issued by the Academic Degree Center of the Ministry of Education, the 5 first-level disciplines – namely, Education, Psychology, Chinese History, Geography and Ecology – ranked first.

School of Psychology

Since 1902, psychological research has been introduced and related courses have been taught in BNU. That was the same time when BNU was founded. It was the first institute teaching and researching psychology in China. In 1952 the psychological research lab was formed in BNU. In 1985 the research institute of developmental psychology was established in BNU and in 2001 the first school of psychology in China was also founded. With a history of more than one hundred years, the School of Psychology of BNU develops all the time. It now provides professional teaching and training for students, as well as multiple resources for researchers. There are several key labs such as the National Key Lab of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning, Beijing Key Lab of applied experimental psychology, and the teaching and learning center of psychological research. The school ranks the first among institutes of psychology in China and has quite good academic reputation worldwide. In the national discipline ranking issued by the Educational Ministry of China, it has stayed in first place for many years.